Migration to Github.io!

September 25, 2014    github blog

I moved my blog from Tumblr to Github pages for several reasons:

  1. Write posts in Markdown and IPython notebooks so figures, code, and LaTeX markup would show up fine.
  2. Easily back up my posts. Before, I wrote my posts in Simplenote and then copy-pasted to Tumblr, but I didn’t like that.
  3. I don’t use the re-blogging or following aspects of Tumblr much so I didn’t see the advantages of that network.
  4. Awesome customizable themes using Pelican.

There are a few drawbacks, most notably, the comments from previous posts are still tied to the Tumblr website, because Tumblr doesn’t use slugs (e.g. “migration-to-github-io”) for its webpage names, instead it uses some random number generator for keeping track of posts, e.g “post/72680703972”. And because Disqus uses the URL from the post to map it back to its database, and I couldn’t get the original mapping :( So comments for old posts will be back on Tumblr.

I’m excited for a new start with blogging!

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