Migrate To Hugo

July 9, 2017   

My landing page website was originally hosted on flavors.me but that got shut down and all my web presence was broken for a few weeks (!!).

I got tired of dealing with Github Pages and building via Travis-CI. Today I migrated to Hugo and deploy the website using Netlify.

I chose Hugo because it has nice minimal themes and was reasonably easy to set up and deploy. I had some issues with using custom themes and ended up just copying the folder to my directory rather than dealing with submodules which were a major headache.

I’ve found myself avoiding blogging because I didn’t like my blog layout, how much overhead there was for creating a new pelican page (now I do hugo new blog/migrate-to-hugo.md and that creates the new post with the correct date, and default draft: true) and website so I’m hoping that an easier deploy process will encourage me to blog more.

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